1. how did initial decisions, related to each of the following

1. How did initial decisions, related to each of the following elements of ARISE HRM system,

support or undermine the other elements of that system?

i) Work systems and job design

ii) Staffing

iii) Compensation and rewards

iv) Career development and training

v) Solicitation fo feedback from employees

2. Is the overall ARISE business strategy being supported by the organisational structure ( span of

control, degree of centralization for decision making, specialisation, formalisation) and by the

HRM policies and practices described in the case? How does each element of the HRM system

support or undermine that strategy?

B. Talent Acquisition, Motivation and Retention


What are the pros and of Twyla Thompson’s initial recruiting and selection strategy?

b. What characteristics of the PWC job are employees likely to find motivating? Does the

PWC job have any potential demotivating characteristics?

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