1. identify an industry of interest that you are going to make


The subject of term paper will be application of ergonomics at a workplace. So far we have

learned various workplace related health and safety issues and how to prevent them. In this

project, you will use the following points to create an ergonomic plan to address an industry

specific problem.

1. Identify an industry of interest that you are going to make ergonomic plan for.

2. Discuss why you chose this sector.

3. Describe the problems workers face in their typical work day.

4. Explain the strategies that can be used to resolve these problems.

You need to find and study (research) sources. You can take help from available ergonomic

plans but make sure that your plan is original. Discuss scientific vs. non-scientific approaches in

your plan as appropriate. Here is the link to help you distinguish between these two sources-


Cite all the resources used for this activity (in APA or MLA style). The minimum length of the

paper (not including citations) should be 1000 words.

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