1. the first is the case study ( quantitative analysis )


kindly find the 4 files which is attached.

1. The first is the case study ( Quantitative Analysis )

2. The second is the questions ( I have already answered it by Excel file – read it just in case )

3. The third is the proposed spreadsheet ( that I have already done and did 5 strategies by excel file in order to you start writing )

4. The fourth is the report template ( that should be used when you start writing )

please take the guide below into consideration:

I. 30 double-spaced pages 11-point font and 1 margins.

  • at least 15 double-spaced pages of “real substance.” “Real substance” means your own work/thinking without reference.
  • the other 15 pages should contain regurgitation of case background or tables, graphs, or appendices, or extensive use of quotes/analyses from other sources.

II 3 single-spaced pages of Executive Summary

III the rest of pages should contain appendices.

5. 15 slides as presentation. 

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