4.1 – demonstrate application of professional codes and standards to


Ethical considerations, decisions and conduct play a critical role in determining the best outcomes related to the overall impact that business and engineering projects have on society. Guidelines for ethical behavior for various professional disciplines are codified in specific “Code of Ethics” documents that highlight key considerations to ponder when faced with ethical issues. However, it is possible to follow the letter of the law without having the right attitude, perspective, and mindset. Please review the Code of Ethics for your specific engineering discipline and consider the ABET Student Outcomes related to ethics and ethical behavior as you prepare a one page response to the following questions following the outline 4.1-4.3.

4.1 – Demonstrate application of professional codes and standards to an engineering problem

4.2 – Recommend ethically sound engineering solutions by considering economic, environmental, and/or societal impact in additional to technical considerations

4.3 – Defend engineering choices using arguments based on ethical and professional responsibility

A.) Why do people resort to unethical behavior and cheat? Please address a current issue that students face regarding peer cheating on tests and falsifying documentation (including signing attendance sheets for classmates who do not show up for class). What are the implications of engaging in such practices now on future career decisions and choices when a person is faced with ethical dilemmas? Please consider Luke 16:10 in your response. “He (or She) who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he (or she) who is dishonest (or unrighteous) in a very little thing is also dishonest (or unrighteous) in much.”

you should answer the question in one page


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