4. what are the benefits accruing to elite epl clubs from appearing


Answer these questions in APA format LENGTHY RESPONSES


1. Compare and contrast the architectures of the NFL and the EPL as regards the role of the central league in the business models of their individual clubs.

2. Consider the system of relegation and promotion. What are the positives and negatives of the system (relative to the NFL system of 32 fixed teams)?

3. In just one paragraph, describe the difference in how NFL media revenues are distributed relative to EPL media revenues.

4. What are the benefits accruing to elite EPL clubs from appearing in the UEFA Champions League competition? This is a revenue source for individual clubs outside the EPL governance structure and from playing many non-EPL clubs. What are the challenges to the NFL creating additional revenue streams that are similarly generated from playing non-NFL clubs?

5. In your opinion, which model is the most effective for the long-term growth of a league? Discuss the reasons for your choice.

I also have somebody else’s example/answers from the same class attached but don’t copy it’s just an example.


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