A.(10 points) business plan assignment: business plan: business plan


A.(10 Points) Business Plan Assignment: Business Plan: Business Plan FINANCIAL SUMMARY Draft (See page 234- 239)
a.General Assumptions:
B.(20 Points) Review the Chapter 14 Mini-Case: “VIVID SKY IN 2008” (P. 524) and answer the following questions:
a.Why might the investors want a convertible note instead of getting straight stock in a start-up?
b.From the standpoint of the small investors, what are the advantages or disadvantages of having a single large investor (like one of the entertainment companies) along with the smaller ones?
c.If the large firms decide not to invest, what are the options available to Tim and how likely will he be to raise the capital needed?
d.Finally, what do you think is the answer to Tim’s question “What could go wrong?”
C.(20 Points) You Tube Assignment:: View the following You Tube Video: “Changing the world through social entrepreneurship”: Willemijn Verloop at TEDxUtrecht (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vvq9YgoJabY)
b.Summarize (minimum 300 words)

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