Accounting questions 2 | Accounting homework help

 Again, app 150 – 200 words for each answer unless otherwise specified.  APA style with references and a title page.M MUST have strong  Accounting background. THANKS



2.     True or false? Not-for-profit health care organizations segregate their net assets between paid-in capital and retained earnings, with paid-in capital representing donor contributions for capital asset acquisition, and retained earnings representing accumulated operating profits and losses. Explain your answer.


4.     Using the Stanford Health Care Consolidated Financial Statements for 2014 (including 2013 data), (attached) prepare a brief summary (3 -4 paragraphs) that highlights the current financial status of Stanford and any significant changes between 2013 and 2014.  Include a review of the relationship between the three major statements – balance sheets, operating, and cash flows.


6.     Describe four methods for valuing assets and explain the strengths and weaknesses of each. Please use the 4 listed below…

7.     (1) Fair Value Accounting

8.     (2) Net Realizable Value

9.     (3) Future Profits

(4) Replacement Cost


Briefly discuss the challenges that are faced by users of GAAP valuation methodology (based on historic cost) and that are encountered when using this financial data for insurance coverage, sale of Physician practices and equipment replacement?  (Valuation of Assets and Equities- Chapter

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