Agency visit and social worker interview


Visit a social service agency in your area and interview a social worker there. Please make sure the individual you interview has a degree in social work. There are many professionals with degrees in related fields who call themselves social workers but do not actually have a degree(s) in social work. The interview must take place at the social worker’s place of employment. You may not interview a social worker in private practice, a social worker at your place of employment, or a professional in a related field. I already visited the agency. Its called Pinnacle Treatment Center  12695 McManus Blvd bldg 2, Newport News, VA 23602. 

American Addiction Treatment Center Newport News

  • The presentation should cover:
    • A description of the agency, including services offered
    • The mission of the agency
    • The clientele
    • A social worker’s job activities and professional roles
    • An explanation about what brought them to the field as well as their work history-The person I interviewed name is Zadia Hadi, BSW, QCM, QMHP-A. The Executive Director at Pinnacle Treatment Center in Newport News Virginia
    • The salary range for social workers in that or similar agencies
    • Opportunities for advancement
    • Overall job satisfaction
    • The agency’s organizational chart*
    • The application of course resources
  • Write a narrative transcript in the notes section of the slides.

*Note: You may create an organizational chart outlining major roles and hierarchy if the agency is not able to provide an organizational chart.

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