america during the industrial era.


The Unit 4 Assignment requires you to write a research based essay on the societal conditions in America during the industrial era. The focus of the research and writing should be on the ways that people of the industrial era worked and traveled. The descriptive essay contents should be substantiated by two scholarly or government references. The conclusion of the essay will offer your thoughts on the most and least appealing of the conditions related to work and travel that you discovered in your research about America in the industrial age. Your viewpoint and purpose should be clearly established and sustained and writing for sustained point of view. Your assignment should follow the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling).

Assignment Directions

This assignment is a research based essay that will describe two specific societal conditions in America during the industrial age. The conditions to be described are the ways in which people worked and traveled. Suggested references are the course text, peer-reviewed articles from the Purdue Global Library, or government agency documents. The essay must be 250-300 words in length (not including title or reference page), using Times New Roman and a 12-point font. The paragraphs should explain the general characteristics of the industrial age and give the general time period of this era in America.

Title Page: Must use APA 6th edition formatting. For more information on APA formatting please visit the Writing Center.

Body of the Paper: This section of the paper will be two separate paragraphs that describe and explain how people in America worked and traveled during the industrial age. Each paragraph should have a minimum of one APA 6th edition formatted in-text citation to a resource listed on the Reference page.

Conclusion: Use the first half of this final section of the paper to review the main points made in the paper. In the second half of the conclusion, offer an opinion-based comment on what you discovered in your research that was most and least appealing about working or traveling in America during the industrial age. Finally, offer at least one question for further exploration on the topic of the American industrial age.

Reference Page: This page should have at least two scholarly resources listed. The references should be in APA 6th edition formatting.

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