American experience | American history homework help


· Tasks to Complete

· Select 3 primary sources to use in your final screencast. Sources must be from at least two different centuries.

· Select 3 secondary sources to use in your final screencast. Only one secondary source can come from The American Yawp.

· Write and submit your final project draft script

· Final Screencast Script Draft

For your final project, you will create an 8-10 minute screencast in which you analyze 3 primary documents to develop an argument about how ideas about race, class, and gender have shaped and been shaped by one another over time in American history. You must also discuss at least 3 of the secondary sources assigned over the semester; all sections of The American Yawp count as one source.

Write your draft of screencast script. As your final screencast will be 8-10 minutes long, your draft should be 1000-1500 words long. Include a list of sources (primary and secondary) at the end of the script, cited in APA style.

Please try to use all resources. The resources provided ideally should be used to portray what it was like in the beginning of American history. The American Yawp resource can be used to show the changes throughout history.

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