An evidence-based and cohesive set of specific and actionable

Should be least 1 page single space APA format excluding title page 

 Student presents an evidence-based and cohesive set of at least three specific and actionable recommendations for actions the organization should take based on application of this week’s strategy concepts, identifying differences between his/her organization with Food Lion grocery store from the case and the impact that has on recommendations, and incorporates case analysis, weekly resources, and peer discussion. 

 Student provides a thorough and detailed explanation identifying at least two related and measurable metrics for each recommendation for the company to measure progress/improvement, and explains why the proposed metrics are important as well as why these metrics are appropriate. 

 Student provides a thorough and detailed assessment identifying the types of data that will be needed, how the data can/should be collected, potential challenges the organization may face in implementing the recommendations, and using the identified metrics explains how the organization might address those challenges 

 Student presents a thorough and detailed argument encompassing the “SMART” framework and new questions may be presented based on synthesis of ideas and input. 

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