Analyse The Article Davis 2017 Budget 2017 The Economic Case For The Bank Levy F

Do Part B only, ignore part A!Part B: Budget 2017: The economic case for the bank levy

[ 15 marks]

Quality is the most appropriate determinant of the grade awarded but it

is suggested that approximately 1,500 words be a suitable length.

The group paper should have an abstract.

Analyse the article, Davis. (2017) “Budget 2017: The economic case for

the bank levy” from the perspective of banks. In the face of this new

levy, discuss the possible courses of action for the banks. Consider the

banks’ business models faced with this new levy and the implementation

of IFRS 9 in 2018.

Ian Finlayson

May 2, 2017.


The group paper should be

• be typed and double spaced;

• flow as a well documented coherent, committee paper;

• give citations for all sources;

• have correct formats for the bibliography, footnotes and references;

• have on the first page of the paper, the title of the paper, the author’s

names and respective tutorial groups; and

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