Ann Harris 22

Unit VIII Course Project

Art in Your Life Presentation: Art of Choice

For the last segment of your Art in Your Life Presentation, you will be explaining the art you see in your everyday life.

In your Unit VIII segment, you will select three pieces of art that you see in your daily life. Please do not repeat works used in earlier units. Be creative with your art selections, they can be from your textbook, your home, or your community. They can be formal or informal. For example, you may use a photograph of a family member, a child’s art project, or a sculpture in your town hall.

Include the following in this segment:

– A description of each of the three artworks you selected (one slide per artwork).

– A description of the significance of the artwork to you (one slide per artwork).

– A picture of the artwork, if you are able to include one. If the artwork is in your home or community, you should take a picture of the piece and paste the picture into your presentation. Please include the images on separate slides from the text.

Citations and references are not a requirement for this section, but if you choose to use outside sources, they must be cited and referenced accordingly. Use appropriate backgrounds, colors, and fonts in your presentation.

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