Annotated Bibliography Plagiarism Free 12 Hours

Best practice is based on research, and research is based on examinations of practice. Along with the findings from your survey, you will also be expected to examine the research of others who have studied the field of teacher leadership and adult learning. Using an Online Library, conduct research on the history of teacher leadership and adult learning as an examination of the evolution of current best practice. 

Using the Online Library (in addition to other credible sources online or at your local library), conduct research on best practices in teacher leadership and adult learning. 

You will then create an annotated bibliography of sources that outline practices of teacher leadership throughout history to help guide your role as a teacher leader. Along with a summation of each source, you must indicate why and how it will benefit you as a teacher leader. 

A minimum of 10 sources are required for this assignment with a minimum of 100 words for each source.  For tips on creating an annotated bibliography see attachment.

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