^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ answer all questions as thoroughly as



Answer all questions as thoroughly as possible:

  • Is this a Qualitative (non-numbers-based) or a Quantitative (numbers-based) study?
  • Briefly describe what the researcher(s) was trying to find out with this study:
  • What are the major hypotheses or research questions of the study (for quantitative studies only)?
  • Who were the participants in the study? Briefly describe the demographic characteristics (age, gender, location of study, number of participants involved)
  • What instruments are used to collect and measure data (i.e. test results, surveys, interviews, attendance records, etc.)?
  • What are the findings of the study? (note: here you will need more than a one sentence explanation – this is the “meat” of your paper and you will need to understand what was determined by the results of the research) Remember: you will find information about the findings that you can understand in the “Discussion” section of the study, thus it’s important that you give a good summary of the study IN YOUR OWN WORDS – Not Copied and Pasted.
  • What suggestions/recommendations are made by the researcher(s) in terms of applying the findings of the study to society/culture?
  • How does this study contribute to your understanding of your research question?

NOTE: my research question: The effects of technology use on marketing: How technology (or social media) changed (or affected) marketing methods? 

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