Answer Questions 12

HUMA-Homework : Business

1-What types of businesses did Latinos own in the nineteenth century? What influenced the growth and diversification of Latino businesses in the late 19th and 20th centuries?

2-Explain the origins of Spanish Imperial expansion in the Americas as a “business venture.”

3-Summarize the importance of cattle ranching and agriculture from Florida to California during the Spanish Colonial period?

4-What were the changes to the previously Mexican areas of the American Southwest resulting from U.S. control after the Mexican-American War?

5-Summarize examples of how fortunes were made and lost owing to U.S. annexation after the Mexican-American War (Ex: The “Californios,” the Bernabé Brothers, and Jesus Robles).

6-Explain how business and trade were encouraged between U.S. and Latin American cities in the nineteenth century.

7-Summarize how the Cuban presence in the U.S. was strengthened and expanded in the nineteenth century regarding businesses such as tobacco.

8-Discuss how the growth of the Latino community created a market and family businesses in L.A., N.Y.C., and Tucson, Arizona.

9-Give details about the Cuban presence in business after 1960 in N.Y.C. and Miami.

10-Explain the differences among Latino businesses and the commercial activities for the different ethnic, class, and gender backgrounds.

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