Ap Us History Need A Good Person At History


a – During the 1600s, the British colonists in the the Chesapeake and New England developed vastly different societies. Based on what you have and if necessary, will read, create a minimum 12 line rhyming poem that articulates these regional differences.  Be sure your poem RHYMES and includes SPECIFIC content.  🙂 

b – You work for a 17th century land developer.  Your job is to recruit colonist from the Chesapeake and New England colonies to both New Amsterdam and Pennsylvania.  Create a two paragraph personal and inviting statement designed as a recruitment brochure (one for New Amsterdam and one for Pennsylvania) calling out the negative aspects of the Chesapeake and New England colonies as well as celebrating the aspects of N AM and PENN.  


c – Create a 8 line poem illustrating you know the causes and effects of Bacon’s Rebellion.

d – Summarize the section “The Half-Way Covenant and the Salem Witch Trials” in 1 sentence.

Chapter 5

e – How might America be different had __________ never existed?  Respond with one sentence for each of the below:

    Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield

f – Create a 2-line poem capturing the significance of the historical people below:

     John Trumbull, Phillis Wheatley, John Peter Zenger

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