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First assignment 4-1

Discussion: Open Forum for Criminal Investigation

During Weeks 4–7, you participate in an Open Forum Discussion concerning the criminal investigative analysis you are conducting for your assignments and Final Project. This is your opportunity to discuss aspects of the case and seek clarification about elements of evidence that will support your conclusion of the case and eventual report to the law enforcement agency that requested your services.

When analyzing a case, it is essential that the analyst has access to all investigative material. As you review the case material, determine:

  • Do you have all information relevant to the crime scene?
    • Photos
    • Reports
    • Interviews
    • Forensic Reports
  • Do you have all information relevant to the medical examination?
    • Autopsy Reports
    • Autopsy Photos
    • Forensic Reports
  • Do you have all relevant information for the victim?

In this Open Forum Discussion, you begin to collaborate with your colleagues to determine your initial thoughts about the case.

Review the evidence of the case.

  • What are your initial thoughts on the crime scene?
  • What other things would you like to know about the victim?
  • As you reviewed the documents, are there other areas about which you would like additional information?

CASE STUDY  I have addition file that need to be sent 

Second Assignment 2 

Assignment: Investigating a Crime: Phase I – Organization and Summary of Information

A local law enforcement agency has asked you to review the case evidence files of a crime and provide a report and presentation concerning the offender and the victim. All the evidence has been provided in the Learning Resources. It has been organized using a standard method for your convenience, but you might experiment with your own system of organization. The file titled “Document Index” will assist you locating specific evidence relevant to the case.

For this Assignment, you will conduct Phase I of the process: Organization and Summary of Information.

In a 2- to 3-page report:

Provide the facts of the case concerning the offense, victim, and offender. Also, provide a summary of notes specific to the victim. This should include:


  • Current relationship status (e.g., single, married, divorced)
  • Employment history
  • Hobbies/routine activities
  • Educational history
  • Family history (e.g., parents, children)
  • Personality issues
  • Mental health issues
  • Criminal history
  • Substance/alcohol use abuse
  • Use of social media

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