Applying lessons learned to enterprises

Much of the focus of this class has been on how countries, institutions, entrepreneurs, and others can systematically encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and how these can be leveraged into sustainable economic gains. Write a paper that takes the lessons learned from this research and analysis and applies it to individual enterprises. Be certain to answer the following questions:

  • What techniques associated with encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship at a country scale can be successfully applied to individual enterprises?
  • How can the principles and practices associated with microenterprise and microfinance be applied to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship within individual enterprises?
  • How must these techniques be adapted to fit in the enterprise context?
  • What are the unique challenges associated with encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship at the enterprise scale vs. the country scale?
  • What institutional mechanisms can be put in place by governments and other entities that can help encourage innovation and entrepreneurship?

Wherever possible, apply your answers to your specific organization context and use examples from your own experience to support your views. Be sure to reference any case studies that you may have come across that illustrate how these techniques have been applied successfully to individual enterprises. Your paper should be five to eight pages in length.

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