Assignment: project selection methods essay questions answer each of

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  • Compare and contrast the evaluation and selection of an external Request for Proposal (RFP) to an internal project. Should the processes be the same or different? Why or why not?
  • From where do project selection criteria originate? How would a project manager know where to find them or how to develop them?
  • Suppose you were comparing a proposal from an outside vendor with an internal project proposal. Assume that the internal proposal appears to be less expensive than the outside vendor. Discuss the pros and cons of selecting the internal versus the external proposal. If the internal project is less expensive, should this be the automatic choice? Why or why not?
  • Project selection involves evaluation of criteria and is likely to be a complex activity. In this module, project identification is discussed independently of project selection. How does project identification differ from project selection? Is project identification more or less difficult than project selection?
  • Describe the role of customer requirements in the project identification and selection process.  Also, discuss how customer requirements are used in selecting between external RFPs.

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