Ba 2500 mod 2 assignment 3

 Overview:For this assignment, you will prepare a written document which describes the role of marketing research in marketing. Please follow the instructions below and prepare your document. Be sure to save in .doc or .docx format, and to follow APA guidelines. *To view the grading rubric for this discussion, click the name of the discussion, then click “Grading Information”Instructions:In Module 2, we also learned about marketing intelligence and marketing research.

  1. In our assignments this week, you have been focusing on a product that you are famililar with. We will keep working with this product for this assignment.
  2. Returning back to your role as a marketing consulant, your company has asked you to help them better understand marketing intelligence and marketing research.
  3. This is their request: Prepare a brief written document (one page) which provides the following information: 
    1. Describe the role of marketing intelligence and marketing research in understanding consumers, competitors, the industry, etc. In other words, is this a necessary part of marketing? What value do these provide for marketers?
    2. What is the difference between primary data and secondary data?
    3. Can you please identify the following to help us understand more about our product, our consumers, and our competitors?
      • Three (3) sources of primary data
      • Three (3) sources of secondary data

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