Brian callahan. is project manager, is just getting ready to depart

Brian Callahan. IS project manager, is just getting ready to depart for an urgent meeting called by Joe Campbell, manager of manufacturing operations. A major BPI project sponsored by Joe recently cleared the approval hurdle, and Brian helped bring the project through project initiation. Now that the approval committee has given the go ahead, Brian has been working on the project’s analysis plan. One evening, while playing golf with a friend who works in the manufacturing operations department, Brian learned that Joe wants to push the project’s time frame up from Brian’s original estimate of 13 months. Brian’s friend overhead Joe say “I can’t see why that IS project team needs to spend all that time analyzing things. They’ve got two weeks scheduled just to look at the existing system! That seems like a real waste. I want them to get going on building my system.” Because Brian has little knowledge about Joe’s agenda for this meeting, he has been considering how to handle Joe. What do you suggest Brian tell Joe?                                                     

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