Bus 5112 unit 5 written assignment


Read the Medi-Cult Case Study located in the Reading Assignment section. Medi-Cult, a biotech company based in Denmark has developed a new alternative to In Vitro Fertilization called In Vitro Maturation (IVM). These methods are used to help infertile couples have children. IVM significantly reduces the time needed to mature an egg from 30 days to just 2 days. Importantly, it is a hormone-free treatment thus sparing women a number of psychological and physical side effects.

Read the General Guidelines for Case Studies before beginning this assignment.

Once you have read the case, assume that you are a sales consultant for these products. Prepare short paper responding to the questions listed below:

1. Mention the major markets for Medi-Cult products.

2. What are the striking benefits as mentioned in the study for marketing these products to consumers? 

3. Briefly describe Medi-Cult marketing strategy model.

4. What other product-pricing strategies, if any, would you recommend for Medi-Cult to maximize profit in the short and long-term? 

Submit a 2-3-pages case analysis, (excluding the title page and reference page) double-spaced in Times New Roman font which is no greater than 12-points in size. Paper and all citations should be in APA format.

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