Business management with marketing | Education homework help

 This module will be 100% Coursework assessed. Formative Assessment: Formative feedback will be given during lectures and seminars sessions using Business case studies and practical sessions. This will involve>

 • In‐class questioning during the lectures. • Seminar questions and self‐evaluation during the seminars. • Completing an individual Blog with at least one post per week, that will support students learning and help them prepare and complete their summative individual report. Summative Assessment: The assignment will be based on a business case that will be chosen for students. The aim of the assessment is to analyze a business case study and, supported by research, prepare an individual report, of 2,000 words, to: 

• Demonstrate a good understanding of the type and structure of the business. • Understand and discuss the 21st-century challenge the business is facing. • Analyse and discuss the impact of the proposed IS as part of the business strategy. Requirements: Evidenced by research: • Introduce yourself as an IS Business analyst: 1. What is a business case? What does a business analyst do? 2. What steps are required to analyze a business? • Introduce your business case: 3. What type of business is it and what does it do and provide? 4. What is the business organizational/management structure? • Discuss and analyze the challenge the business is facing: 5. What type of challenge is it? 6. What are the impacts this challenge is having on the business? • Discuss and analyze the proposed IS solution: 7. Introduction to the IS solution and its benefits. 8. Impact of the IS solution and its limitations. 9. Ethical and social compliance and its non-compliance issues. 10. Cyber-Security threats and their impact on the business. 11. Human & technological Cyber-Security safeguards. • Presentation & Structure: 12. Cover page, content table, sections, word count, images/etc. and references/citations. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) (10 Marks) (55 Marks) (15 Marks) 

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