Business solutions accounting calculations and explanations.


You must have an excellent rating.


Needs to be completed as per instuctions and using template, clean and correct.




Serial Problems for Accounting








For the Portfolio Project you will complete the seven Serial Problems presented below. You are encouraged to use the working papers to develop your answers.





Your project will include both calculations and written explanations. All calculations must be formatted clearly, showing formulas and using traditional design and layout. You are required to include written explanations for some of your conclusions and to cite all sources that support those conclusions. All written responses—referenced sources and written explanations—must be formatted in accordance with APA formatting.




Although your project will include both narrative responses and calculations displayed in spreadsheet format, to receive full credit for your work, be sure to submit only one document. Refer to the template included with this assignment, as well as the Portfolio Project Rubric.











Attached is Questions, Rubric and info.

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