Business sust, corp govn & org activity 2


Activity I –Visit the website of Institutional Shareholder Services, Inc. (ISS), a provider of corporate governance solutions, at  Go to the “Policy Gateway” tab and select a recently adopted ISS policy.  Write a memo to shareholders explaining the policy and how it will affect the corporate governance of companies.  You also should explain why ISS has adopted the proposal and whether or not you agree with the proposal.  Finally, you should provide a recommendation as to how shareholders should proceed regarding the proposal.

Activity II –Visit the Public Affairs Council’s website at  Review the Council’s various areas of expertise.  Select an area of expertise and, in a written memorandum, explain why it is a public affairs issue.  Review a news story under your selected area of expertise and describe what impact, if any, the issue addressed in the story will have on business’s strategy with regards to public affairs.

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