case study analysis-ethic of care

As with prior weeks, we again debate a case study from various stakeholder perspectives. To prepare for this discussion, read the Case Study 9.2: Whose Best Interests?  A Testing Dilemma (Poliner Shapiro, & Stefkovich, 2011, p. 143-146). Next, review the initial post and guided response instructions making sure you respond from your assigned stakeholder’s perspective.  One approach to this discussion is to create your viewpoint with consideration of the Questions for Discussion presented in the text following the case study.

Initial Post: Create an initial post writing (300 words) from your assigned stakeholder’s perspective. Discuss the case from the viewpoint of your stakeholder considering the dilemma presented and making sure you have taken a clearly articulated ethical stance on the case’s dilemma and including any legal considerations involved.  If you are assigned the leader’s perspective, be sure to include a suggested decision for the outcome of the case.   

Determine your stakeholder role assignment as follows: 


If your last name begins with letters R-Z, write from the perspective of Charlie Franken (leader), high school principal. 



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