Case study: texaco in the ecuadorean amazon

Please read the attached file of case study (Ecuadorean Amazon) and answer the following questions in a one to one and half page APA formatted paper.




  1. Given the fact that Texaco operated in partnership with the Ecuadorean government, is Texaco’s activity in the Amazon morally justifiable? Explain.

  2. Does Texaco (now Chevron Texaco) have a moral obligation to provide additional funds and technical expertise to clean up areas of the Amazon it is responsible for polluting? Does it have a moral obligation to provide medical care for the residents of the Amazon region who are suffering from the effects of the pollution? Explain.

  3. Does the fact that the military plays a dominant role in Ecuadorean political life undermine Texaco’s claim that its environmental practices are justified because the government of Ecuador permitted them? Explain.

  4. Does the example of Texaco’s conduct in Ecuador indicate a need for enforceable regulations governing transnational corporate activity? Explain.


(Case Study)

Please see the attached file.



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