Consequentialism-case study | Criminal homework help

The textbook provides a template for analyzing ethical dilemmas using “consequentialism.” (I have attach these pages at the end of the homework). A hypothetical case is provided, the template outlined (Utilitarian Evaluation of Ethical Dilemmas), and then the application of that template to the case is demonstrated (Applying Utilitarianism).  A summary follows at the end of that illustrative analysis.  Study this sample case and application of the template (and summary commentary) carefully.

You are presented with a new case for study and discussion. 

Your assignment is to take the “consequentialism” template (box Utilitarian Evaluation of Ethical Dilemmas) and apply it to the new case. 

Lastly, address this final question:  How well do you feel that consequentialism guided ethical decision making in this case?  Remember, this is to be answered from your perspective, as persons analyzing the ethical choices in this case.  Had you been in the “hot seat”, would consequentialism be helpful in guiding your decisions?  Be thoughtful and thorough in this assessment of how the theoretical material helps a criminal justice professional make ethical choices.

Submit your response as a Word document

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