Coronavirus tracker: new guidance on employee vaccines

The title of the assignment is HealthIT topic assignment. Using the below website, I had to choose a hot /common topic of the week. Will need to reference the source of the website. The topic I chose is: Coronavirus tracker: New guidance on employee vaccines. ***I have uploaded the rubric and instructions for this paper. Needs 3 scholarly references within 5 years. Also, paper needs an *Introduction, *Section 2- is rationale for selecting the topic and how it relates to Nursing Informatics and my practice as a mother-baby nurse. *Section 3- How topic will impact my nursing practice as a mother-baby nurse in a positive or negative manner citing pros and cons.(use scholarly support in this section). *Section 4-Discuss how informatic skills and knowledge were used to develop this paper(Be clear) *Conclusion-Summarize paper, provide key insight about the key elements, and provide recommendations for the future related to this topic. *Needs to be APA 7th ed style 

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