Create a powerpoint presentation to illustrate the following | psychology

Create a PowerPoint Presentation to illustrate the following questions:

In examining psychological research; What are the strengths and weaknesses of descriptive, experimental, and correlational research? What are Institutional Review Boards? What are the common ethical guidelines for doing research with people? 

PowerPoint Requirements. Include title slide with name and course, include citations and reference slide, insert illustrations as pictures, graphs, and/or videos (optional). Slide count: 6-8 slides. You may use PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slide (Submit as PDF, if needed). Use This Sample PowerPoint Presentation as a Guide to Complete The Assignment.

Note: References and citations (in-text) are required to be in American Psychological Association (APA) format. Click the following hyperlinks to use the APA Reference Guide for Assistance, APA Reference Examples APA Citation Guide for assistance.

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