Database design and er modeling

Please see attachment before proceeding with directions below.


Case Assignment

Entity-Relationship Modeling 

  1. Fill in the column headings in row one of each table (Customer,  Employee, and Sales Order) with the data items (attributes) you believe  belong in the table.
  2. Draw an ER diagram for the three tables: Customer, Employee, and Sales Order.
    Suppose  the Sales Order Table also contains information for an employee who  makes a sale. If you have an ERD drawing tool such as Visio, you could  draw the diagram using the tool and copy it into your document. You  could also draw it on paper, scan it, and insert it into your document.  If you can’t do either of the above, you could write down the table  schemata and describe the relationships among them.
  3. Submit the document. Make certain the table title, course number, and module and Case ID are on the work you submit.
  4. Describe the major points you learned in the readings especially on  entity relationship modeling and what lessons you have learned in this  exercise. (at least half a page).

Please note that you will need to study the background materials for your assignment.

Assignment Expectations

You are required to:

  • Design tables based on domain requirements.
  • Represent database design using ERD.
  • Communicate effectively with the readers of your report.

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