Discussion : any questions? | cs2086 | Naugatuck Valley Community College


answer in 300 words minimum the following: 

Just as it’s important to prepare for typical questions you’ll be asked in an interview, it is also VERY important for YOU to ask questions of the interviewer. By doing so, you show that you’ve taken the time to research the company AND you gather as much information as possible before you go into a negotiation setting. 

Determine what’s most important to you in your next career opportunity and job offer.

In your initial discussion post, construct at least two questions that relate to areas on which you might need to negotiate.  (For example: The balance between work travel and time at home is important to you, so you plan to ask “Can you explain the travel expectation a little more and how that would balance with the requirement of time in the home office? ” or You want a flexible work environment so you plan to ask: “Can you share more about the typical work schedule and work environment for this position?”)  

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