Discussion b 3 | Architecture and Design homework help


“Alternative Media and Processes”

Conceptual art concentrates on ideas, and installations consciously arrange an environment for the viewer to engage with.  These types of artworks celebrate the perceptions and understanding of those who respond to them as much as the skills of the artists who made them.  

Answer the following questions:

  1. How do these practices compare with “traditional” media, such as painting, sculpture, and drawing? Answer in 2-3 finished sentenced.  Worth 8 points.  
  2. What are your feelings about these “alternative” art forms?  Answer in 2-3 finished sentenced.  Worth 8 points.  
  3. Which, if any, artworks from this chapter do you have trouble understanding or accepting as art?  Why?  Answer in 2-3 finished sentenced.  Worth 8 points.  
  4. Which, if any, do you find refreshing or inspiring? Share you thoughts with your classmates.  Answer in 2-3 finished sentenced.  Worth 8 points.  
  5. Write one of your homework discussion questions from this week’s assigned reading.  Then respond constructively to at least two other students’ discussion questions.  Answer in 2-3 finished sentenced.  Worth 8 points.  

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