Discussion questions need by 9/15

1. First Discussion Question 2 pages no plagiarism document sources

 The Founding Fathers wanted the courts to be protected from politics. In what ways was the judiciary designed to limit the role of politics? Are the courts completely immune from politics in their work? Why or why not?  What role does politics play in Supreme Court confirmation proceedings? 

2. Second discussion 2 pages no plagiarism document sources

Go to https://news.gallup.com/home.aspx  

find 3 polls on same sex marriage (1 from the 1990s, one from the 2000s, and one from 2010s )   Compare polls type (internet, phone), sample size, and how questions are worded. Discuss if the  attitudes reflected in the polls have changed through the years or stayed the same. If attitudes have changed discuss why you think that is

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