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The Apple logo is a very clear representation of the company. I found it interesting the changes through out the years for Apple, but since 1977 it’s been pretty much the same, minus changes to color. By just using shape and removing the texture, it really adds emphasis to what they’re trying to convey – their company!


The Target logo is very similar, with just an image and no words. But, it wasn’t always this way. Target included the store name, “Target” in the logo until 2006 when they decoupled the name from the image after believing that they had the recognition. Red is supposed to be bold and create excitement. I feel utilizing only the target is definitely bold. 


Nike has also gone through several iterations of the current design. In 1971, they added the “swoosh”. The swoosh creates movement, which connects back to Nike being a fitness apparel company. The basic black is bold, and the lack of texture and color makes it clear and defined because of the contrast between the black logo and white background. Lots of emphasis!


student 2

The Different Folk is a team of contemporary illustrators from around the world.  Their focus is to represent the uniqueness and personal style of each artist.  Their logo is based on a traditional serif type akin to Times New Roman or Garamond, but it incorporates elements that depart from a typical font.  At first glance, they have contrasted a small italicized, very traditional “the” with the bulk of the logo, following in larger bolded letters.  This contrast serves to emphasize the section. This is further enhanced by larger, angular serifs and counters within the letters themselves.  Although there is heavy contrast, there is harmony in the tie between the serif font and the straight line of text, keeping everything unified. This logo is effective in that it is readable and a good representation of their goals as a company, to represent artists who strive to do something different, who work at a different angle than the rest of the world.

Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 10.27.17 AM-1.png

The clothing store, Everlane, has risen up in popularity in the last ten years as a sustainable brand that focuses on basic wardrobe pieces.  Their logo has stayed the same since they began, a simple block sans serif type in all capital letters where each letter is slightly more separated than is typical. There is a rhythm accentuated by the expanded space between letters and balance where the volume of each letter is equal because its being in all capital letters.  The logo is white on a black background, giving it high contrast and accentuating the simplicity of the logo itself.  These elements are appropriate to their brand as it gives the feeling of being relaxed, sustainable, simple and modern, the main idea behindthe clothing they sell. In all, I believe the logo is a good representation of their ideals and products. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 7.06.16 PM.png

Marriott hotels began in 1976 as a luxury hotel and this is a standard they’ve maintained through the years.  While their logo has been updated in the last decade, as a whole it has changed little.  One recognizable aspect is the clean contrast between the deep red and white background, accentuated by a slightly curved, sans serif font.  The letters are regulated and close together, invoking a feeling of tradition and order.  The “M” stands out as more stylized, combining a curved line leading to two strong, thick diagonals.  Because the “M” is also slightly enlarged, it balances the remainder of the name.  The “M” is also mirrored in their symbol without the connecting middle line, unifying the logo as a whole.  It is an effective, legible logo, easily recognizable and unique.  

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 7.05.23 PM.png

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