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This assignment should be no more than 500 words. Please submit a word document that is double-spaced with 12-point font and one-inch margins. Do not copy directly from the book, material posted on Webcourses, or any other source material. https://youressaymarket.com/im-working-on-a-cultural-studies-writing-question-and-need-support-to-help-me-u/

This written assignment should include a discussion of the sociological concepts/ideas that Boeri relies on to explain stability and change in drug use over the life courses in her book Hurt: Chronicles of the Drug War Generation. This book is a great example of how sociologists study people who use drugs and provides students with an opportunity to articulate an understanding of sociological concepts/ideas.

This written assignment should focus on a discussion of information in the book, NOT your personal opinions about drug use. For this assignment students have the flexibility to write on a variety of sociological concepts/ideas presented in the book, here are a few examples: https://weassistessays.com/textron-aviation-unites-hawker-beechcraft-and-cessna-brands-creating-aviati/ The historical and social context of the “baby boom” generation.

The life course perspective, including the concepts of transitions or turning points.
The impact of social relationships, informal sources of social control, on stability and change in drug use over the life course.
The importance of social capital or social support.

The impact of prohibition and the “war on drugs” in the US.
The use of an intersectional approach and the racialized and gendered framing of drug use.
The problems “older” drug users dealt with and why “aging out” was difficult.
The role of formal sources of social control, including prisons and drug treatment.
The concept of social recovery and why it is needed. https://convenienthomeworkhelpers.com/please-look-at-the-recourse-below-then-answer-these-questions-note-you-need-to/

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