Due friday by 8:30pm 2.2 portfolio component: infographic

PLEASE READ instructions 

This assignment is in continuous of last week assignment.  SEE ATTACHMENT 

You must know how to do  INFOGRAPHICS 


Conduct research using the FullSail Library . 

Define the target audience for your film or video project as outlined in your Project Summary assignment for Week One. 

Design an infographic to visually communicate details about the target audience for that project. 

Review your classmates’ infographics.

Practice providing professional feedback.


Initial Post

  1. Please watch video below.  A full transcript and other resources are available in “2.1  Lessons & Materials.” 
  2. Conduct research using the Full Sail library to determine the target audience for your project. Then, using the infographic makers listed in the resources below, create a 1-page infographic that visually portrays your target audience. Please write all information as if it has not happened yet. Pretend that you are pitching your film to a production studio for the first time.
  3. Post a screenshot of your infographic to the discussion board


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