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Part II: (25 points and approximately 600 words)

The Business of Amateurs documentary argues that the NCAA and its member institutions often place their profits and the desire to win ahead of the best interests of their student-athletes. There are several documentaries that outline various claims against the NCAA and the college sports enterprise, but Business of Amateurs is one of the few (if not the only) one that documents the challenges facing the college sports industry from the perspective of student- athletes.

Although some of the facts and policies governing college sports have already changed some since the release of this film (e.g., guaranteed multi-year scholarship at autonomy schools and scholarships that include the full cost of attendance), this film does an excellent job of outlining the major legal, ethical, and business challenges that threaten the future of the collegiate sports model in the US.


For this question, let’s assume that the commissioner of the SEC (i.e., Mr. Sankey), was reallyimpressed with your excellent essay on health and safety issues in college sports. He reached out to you again in order to help frame a discussion around this film for the university presidents in the SEC. The SEC is organized so that the presidents (and chancellors) of each institution who make up the SEC oversee the governance process of the league. Mr. Sankey actually serves in his role at the pleasure of the 14 presidents.

Write a 600 word (or so) essay that reviews the major points made in this documentary thatcan serve as a type of “viewing guide” for the presidents and chancellors of the league.

This viewing guide will provide the presidents with the major takeaways from the film and focus their attention on some of the most significant pressure points challenging the college sports system that sports fans love.

The film identifies several major challenges (e.g., amateurism, the market value of athletes, the role of the NCPA, the role of agents, academic cheating, athlete safety, name, image, and likeness issues, etc.); you should try to focus your synopsis on just 3 major issues outlined in the film.

As you compose your essay, assume that these presidents and chancellors will watch the film after reviewing your essay, and thus your guide will help them focus on the major points that the filmmaker is trying to portray.

Since our presidents and chancellors are all academic scholars and are likely to be a littlesuspect of a filmmaker’s perspective on the major issues facing college sports, you will need to include at least two references to our readings that lend support to the arguments made in the documentary. One of your citations should be to the Eitzen chapter in this unit and one to the Holstein chapter from this unit.

APA Style 

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