Edu | Education homework help

You will submit your word document for Topic 1 Part 1 here. Choose a “real” university or college to use when answering these questions. I suggest you use the same university throughout the class. I will make comments and return the graded assignments to you. You should immediately incorporate the comments in preparation for the Final Portfolio. HED=Higher Education

1. Provide an example of a HED mission statement (in its entirety–no links). Cite the source location. Then using the course content, provide your interpretation of the mission statement.

2. Quote the vision of the same institution as in question #1. Again, cite the source location. Then using the course content, provide your analysis of the differences between the mission statement and the vision statement.

3. From the course content, give 2 external examples (not Carnegie Classification) showing evidence of the quality of a real HED university or college. Cite your source. Analyze these two examples–are they reliable and convincing?

4. Study the Carnegie Classification system. Provide the Carnegie classification of a real HED institution and use its Basic classification. In your own words, what does that classification mean?

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