Effective communication in working place | business communication for healthcare managers | University of Phoenix


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Select 1 of the 3 scenarios that contain communications in a health care setting. Describe the problematic aspects of the communication in your selected scenario and how you would raise these issues to the employees in the scenarios and help improve their communication skills.

In your response posts, discuss if you agree with your classmates’ identification of problematic aspects and methods for improving their communication skills.

Scenario 1

Justin is a front office assistant at a local physician’s office. The X-ray technician called Justin over to help him with some paperwork. Justin noticed the patient’s X-ray and thought it would be funny to post the X-ray on his Facebook page and ask his friends to guess what the image resembled. Later in the day, the X-ray technician recognized the image on Justin’s Facebook page and felt it was important to address the issue with Justin’s manager the next day.

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