En 121- create an annotated bibliograph | EN121- Analytical Thinking, Writing & Research | Monroe College


Click on this week’s files, videos in this assignment, and websites provided in this assignment, to review the instructions for the annotated bibliography, library tutorial, and research paper. 

View this video to learn how to read a scholarly journal article.

Next, read the six sources you located for the paper and be sure to take notes as you read.

Finally, visit this website and create an annotated bibliography based on the six sources for the paper. The bibliographic information in your annotated bibliography must conform to APA guidelines (refer to the attached APA Citation e-book) AND the annotations MUST be in your own words!

I will review creating an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY in the live chat this week, along with the timeline and directions for the entire research project.

There are 4 items to include for each of your sources:

*the complete APA formatted Reference,

*the in-text citation for the source, using APA formatting and place at the end of information cited,

*a summary in your words of the information located, and lastly,

*a sentence or two that indicates where you would place this information within your paper (which section of the paper)

Place all 4 requirements together for each of your 6 sources.

*** Be sure to view the attached sample annotated bibliography and grading rubric for this assignment.

You can also use a reference list generator to create the APA formatted reference for the annotated bibliography. (citefast.com)

My Thesis statement: 

 Effects of COVID-19 and isolation on university students and academic staff.

The emergency of the global health crisis due to coronavirus prompted the shutdown of academic institutions across the world. In quest of mitigating the spread of the pandemic, economies issued various measures to ensure the safety of their citizens. Isolation was one of the measures aimed at curbing the spread of the virus; however, the measure significantly impacted the students and academic staff members in American universities and the world in general. Higher Education Institutions required schools, educators, and students to adapt to online learning due to the isolation. 

Thesis statement: Social interaction is an essential aspect of humanity’s life, therefore, COVID-19 and isolation have significantly impacted university students and the academic staff.

Keywords: COVID-19 AND isolation AND university students OR academic staff.

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