Engineering summary | English homework help

EGR: Write a summary of 3 Peer Reviewed Journal Articles and one text. For each summary, include the properly formated citatation in IEEE format.

The attached file titled Memo summary review provides directions in example format on page to on how to format this assignment. Use the file as a template for your own work. On the first page of the memo write: Attached to this memo are the summaries of the following four items: List the items. Submit each review on a separate page within the same Memo. Save your work as a pdf and submit it as a file.

You should have a cover memo and four pages of summary reviews in the same document all saved as one file as a PDF.

Section V in the attached style manual shows the guidelines for citing references in IEEE sytle. You will be graded based accurately citing references. you should check the attached files to do the work right and how




due date: 3 hours from now

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