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 Ethics and the “War on Terrorism”

Many commentators label the current “War on Terrorism” as a state of perpetual war. Many issues become apparent when a nation adopts a permanent war setting. Chapter 10 in your text explores many of the ethical issues associated with the War on Terrorism, and the video Treat Terrorists Like Enemy Combatants, Not Criminals: A Debate (Links to an external site.) debates the best methods to handle accused terrorists (Makio, 2010). In this discussion, discuss the morality and expectations for the criminal justice system to be engaged in such a “war.” How does this status of preparedness and aggressive interdiction affect the creation, design, and implementation of morality policies in the criminal justice field?



Banks, C. (2016). Criminal justice ethics: Theory and practice (4th ed.). Retrieved from

  • Chapter 4: Racial Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System
  • Chapter 10: Ethics and the “War on Terrorism”


Makio, L. (Producer). (2010). Treat terrorists like enemy combatants, not criminals: A debate (Links to an external site.) [Video file]. Retrieved from

Nelson, G. (Director), & King, P. (Executive producer). (2007). Black death in Dixie: Racism and the death penalty in the United States (Links to an external site.) [Video file]. Retrieved from

Recommended Resources


Thomas, G. C., III. (2011). Criminal trials as morality plays: Good and evil Download Criminal trials as morality plays: Good and evil. St. Louis University Law Journal, 55(4), 1405-1432. Retrieved from

  • The full-text version of this article is available in the EBSCOhost database located in the University of Arizona Global Campus Library. This journal article explores criminal trials, race, and morality. It may assist you in responding to this week’s discussion, “Ethics: Racial Discrimination in Criminal Justice.”

Supplemental Material

Hicks, W. (2015). CRJ524 professional resources list Download CRJ524 professional resources list. Retrieved from Resources List.docx

  • This document provides additional resources in the form of articles, multimedia, and websites that may be helpful in the development of your learning in the field of criminal justice. This source may assist you in your weekly discussions.

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