Formal essay 3-clarence darrow’s 332


Read Clarence Darrow's "Crime and Criminals address to the Prisoners in the Chicago Jail attached below.  This is a condensed version of a more lengthy reading.Draft a persuasive response (500( words that expreses your opinion about Darrow's point of view. Specially address darrow's statement that the people here can no more help being here than the people outside can avoid being outsie. I do not believe that people are in jail because they derserve to be. They are in jail simply because they cannot avoid it on account of circumstances which are entirley beyond their control and for which they are in no way responsible, Also address Darrrow statement that "First and Last, people are sent to jail because they are poor.

Agree or disagree with Darrow but take a stand in your thesis. Use and cite two outside online resources on the works cited page, MLA format style. The textbook is not an outside resource found at Underline your thesis in the first paragaraph of fyour essay. Identify as Formal Essay 3. Please  format with my name Rhonda Bryant, Formal Essay 3, instructor name Mr Wrigth, Course EH 1302, and the date, Indicate the essay title midway above the first paragraph.

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