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Showing 1to 10of 25 Book(s)ADVANCED ACCOUNTING 2nd Editionby Ronald J. Huefner, James A. Largay III, Susan S. HamlenIn Stock $54.16 $0.00Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory 10th Editionby Robert L. Boylestad, Louis NashelskyReserved $33.16 $0.00Understanding NMR Spectroscopy 2nd Editionby James KeelerReserved $48.97 $0.00Contemporary Engineering Economics 5th Editionby Chan S. ParkReserved $74.99 $0.00Employment Law New Challenges in the Business Environment 5th Editionby John Jude Moran In Stock $45 $0.00Corporate Financial Management 5th Editionby Ph.D. Arnold GlenReserved $12.5 $0.00Fundamental Accounting Principles Volume 1 14th Canadian Editionby LARSON JENSEN In Stock $57.15 $0.00Taxation for Decision Makers 6th Editionby Shirley Dennis-Escoffier, Karen FortinIn Stock $34.94 $0.00Business Statistics in Practice 6th Editionby Bruce Bowerman, Richard OConnellIn Stock $24 $0.00Financial Accounting A User Perspective 6th Canadian Editionby Robert E Hoskin, Maureen R Fizzell, Donald C CherryIn Stock $56.6 $0.00

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