Given The Data In Problem 1618 Solve The Problem Except

Given the data in Problem 16.18, solve the problem except that
(a) The proposal is to divide the line into three stages, that is, with two storage buffers located between stations 10 and 11, and between stations 20 and 21, respectively; and
(b) The proposal is to use an asynchronous line with large storage buffers between every pair of stations on the line; that is a total of 29 storage buffers.
Problem 16.18
A 30-station transfer line has an ideal cycle time of 0.75 min, an average downtime of 6.0 min per line stop occurrence, and a station failure frequency of 0.01 for all stations. A proposal has been submitted to locate a storage buffer between stations 15 and 16 to improve line efficiency.

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