Given The Following Narrative Identify The Functions To Be Included

Given the following narrative, identify the functions to be included within the scope of the system. Also identify several levels of automation for each function. The purpose of this question is to give you an opportunity to think creatively, especially to identify high-level automation alternatives for the various functions.
Conference Coordinators (CC) assists organizations or corporations in coordinating and organizing conferences and meetings. It provides such services as designing and printing brochures, handling registration of attendees, fielding questions from attendees, securing meeting spaces and hotel rooms, and planning extracurricular activities. CC gets its business in two ways: by following up on leads that a company is going to be holding a conference and by having the company contact CC directly. When a contact is made, the client is asked for basic information about the desired event: city, dates, and anticipated number of attendees, price range, and external activities desired. From this information, CC prepares a bid. CC likes to keep its turnaround time on bids to under five working days. Each project is assigned to a project manager, who will gather information from the support staff to prepare the bid. If necessary, he or she may also request information from the visitors’ center for the desired city.

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