Hair love | Sociology homework help

After doing Cultural Outtake: Hair Love respond to these questions plus 1 other student. This assignment is extra credit and is worth 10 points. 

#1 Traditions are important in families,
and in this film, one of the traditions
is that the mother does the hair of
her daughter. In your home who is in
charge of helping kids with their daily
routines? Why do you think that the
job is done by that person? What are
some struggles or challenges that
you remember while getting ready in
the morning? 

• #2 Beauty equals acceptance in our
culture much of the time, but is that
why you think it is so important for
Zuri to be able to walk out the door
feeling beautiful in the morning?

#3 Can you connect hair style and
culture? Does styling your hair a
certain way connect to history
or is it connected to the modern
interpretations of beauty?

#4 Does our culture in America have

a lack of representation of people
who also identify with their own
cultures and experiences?

• #5 The act of Braiding means bringing
things, like hair parts, together in
order to unify them. What are three
parts of the film that seem like they
are weaving together components of
the relationship for the family

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