Help in 2 history discussion board 150 word each


You will choose 2 of the 4 questions to answer. Your answers should be thoughtful, in depth and fully explain your understanding of the information. Remember, this is your opportunity to show what you know and understand. Make sure to give examples and evidence from the textbook and readings to justify or explain your answers.  Your answers should be about 150-200 each. If your answer is less than 100 words or does not fully answer the question, points will be taken off. You want to show me what you know. 

*** Please write on your own word***

****I also uploaded the Discussion Board example from my Professor*****

1. Compare the members of the “Great Triumvirate” and explain each member’s ideology or viewpoint. How did each man’s views reflect that of the region he was from? Explain. 

 3. Explain the major policies of Andrew Jackson. How did these policies strengthen or weaken the role of the federal government? Explain. 

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